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Rachel Bossano

I graduated with Hons at Nottingham Trent University in Sport Science and Management (BSc Hons), later going on to complete my Personal Trainer(PT) qualification in London and then working in Gibraltar for a couple months in a commercial gym before setting off to work onboard a cruise ship for 9 months as a PT. In 2012 at the end of my contract I moved to London and worked for Virgin Active as a PT and Nutrition Consultant for a short while. On my return to the Rock, I worked at Ocean Village Gym as a Personal Trainer for a year, but it soon became evident I needed to spread my wings further and in 2014 I decided to go freelance and open up my own training practice.

In November 2015 I competed in the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion show (WBFF) in London. It was an amazing experience and journey where I got to meet some of the most hardworking and dedicated women I've ever met. It was my first competition and was really a test of mental and physical endurance, but it taught me a lot and I feel much more prepared for the next competition which is fast approaching, the WBFF Amsterdam on September 8th 2018.

Leigh Baw

My dad being a bodybuilder himself is the person who got me into gym work to build up my “frame” for rugby, and since then he has guided me in the right direction and I always have him to refer to, being well known in Gibraltar I believe I have a great network of people, even in the uk where I used to study in which i am always in contact with and appear as an influence to them, and I’m able to help many people, all age. Training for me since then at a young he age was normal as I started taking up rugby during my school years in Gibraltar, to do something extra as a hobby, and got a few injuries along the way and learned quite a few things, before I committed myself fully to the gym and bodybuilding itself Saying that, I’m looking to compete in 2-3 years when I’m around 21-22, in the PCA STAGE, till then it’s time to fuel up with the one and ONLY signature wholesome takeaway in Gibraltar and knuckle down...and see where I go from there, it’ll be very interesting.

Dheeraj Punjabi

Background and vast experience in retail in the field of fine wines and spirits, Dheeraj started the brand in 2010 with a vision of building a catering chain which bridged the gap between standard cooking and culinary excellence.

With a vast knowledge and qualified certification in the field of wine, La Parrilla boasted to have a wide and diverse spectrum of fine wines from all over the world, matching the quality cuisine available at its prime head quarters of Watergardens .

Dheeraj returned to the rock after a short spell in Wales studying an economics degree to take over a small family business in 2003 specializing in wines and world spirits.

In 2010 saw the door of la Parrilla open at its prime location in Watergardens and in 2011 his expansion saw another retail outlet open in grand Casemates Square.

In 2012 saw a third retail outlet in Irish town open its doors with Dheeraj having a strong hold in the retail market in Gibraltar.

With his passion firmly in catering and fine wines, Dheeraj opened a takeaway catering division in Cornwalls Centre in 2014 to add to La Parrillas success which to this date now forms the backbone of the La Parrilla brand.

After his sale of the retail chain to shareholders Dheeraj now works closely with his catering team building a strong and firm catering establishment to be unreckoned with.

Europa Football Club

Europa FC was founded in 1925 and was continuously active up to 1970. It merged with College FC in the 1980s, going by College Cosmos until 2013, and in 2014 split again, changing it’s name from College Europa back to Europa FC, while College 1975 entered the Gibraltar Second Division. The name change was cleared by UEFA and the Gibraltar Football Association that has granted back the honours the club lost when it folded initially.

Europa FC plays in the Gibraltar Premier Division, the top tier of football in Gibraltar, a football league established in 1905 by the Gibraltar Football Association (GFA) – itself one of the oldest associations in the world, founded in 1895. It originally contained eight member clubs, but it has grown over the years to the current ten members. By virtue of Gibraltar’s entry to UEFA at the XXXVII Congress held in London on 24 May 2013, Europa FC participated in the Europa League for the first two seasons since Gibraltar was granted admission to European competition.

The club won the domestic treble in 2016/17, entering the Champions League qualifiers for the first time. Despite beating Welsh Champions The New Saints in the first tie, two sendings-off saw Europa FC suffer a ‘home’ defeat (held in Faro, Portugal) after extra-time.

The club is represented at every level of football competition on the Rock, while also having basketball, netball, Subbuteo and athletics teams.

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